Removing An Unwanted Vehicle From Your Yard For Free

If you have a vehicle you are no longer interested in driving, or one that is no longer in operable condition, you most likely will want to remove it from your yard since it is no longer going to be in use. If you are low on funds, towing your vehicle to a junkyard may not be the preferred option for your situation. Here are a few ways to remove a vehicle without having to pay for it yourself.

Donate To Charity

Many reputable charities will accept vehicle donations as part of their program to raise funds for their cause. A flat-bed tow truck will come to your home to remove your vehicle and you will receive a document to fill out and send in with your income taxes. The tax write-off amount may be given to you by the charity if they look up the value beforehand, or you may be able to fill in a fair value yourself. The downside in this option is many times the amount the charity itself will get for the vehicle is just the scrap value amount.

Give To A Trade School

Vocational schools, like Newgate School, are always in need of vehicles at their establishments. The vehicles will then be used to train students the proper way to make repairs on that particular make and model. If the vehicle is not in driveable condition, the students may learn how to drop an engine inside or how to do body work on the vehicle. This option allows the removal of the vehicle from your property in exchange for a tax deduction. Call a few schools and see if they have a tow truck available to remove the vehicle from your yard. Many schools will allocate funds to the vocational departments for this option, saving you the cost as a result.

Exchange For Scrap Value

If the vehicle is in pretty beat-up condition, you may be able to trade it for money at an auto recycling center. While many of these require you drive the vehicle in to be weighed, you may be able to have a tow truck pick it up for a fee. This can be deducted from the scrap metal value determined by the vehicle's weight.

Make A Private Sale

Advertise that your vehicle is for sale on online social media sites or with flyers around town. If the vehicle does not run, indicate this on the advertisement so any potential buyers realize they will need to provide a tow truck if they are interested in purchasing your vehicle. Many people will pay for a tow if the vehicle holds value in parts to use for a vehicle they already own.

Use For Some Fun

If the vehicle still runs, consider using it in a demolition derby. These are often held at county fairs and they can be a great deal of fun. You may be able to win a prize if your vehicle remains running the longest. After the event is over, the coordinators will take the vehicles to a scrap yard, saving you from the task. You will get to have one last good time in the vehicle and it will not need to come back home with you afterwards.