Training to Be an Electrician? 4 Tips to Keep You Safe

If you're going to school to become an electrician, you're going to need to learn some safety rules. When you're working with electricity, even the smallest mistake can have deadly consequences. In addition to the safety rules you'll learn in school, here are four tips that will help keep you safe.

Watch What You Wear

When you're working with electricity, your safety usually starts before you leave home. Look at what you're wearing. If you're wearing anything metal, including wedding rings, chains, or wristwatches, you need to take it off. The metal you're wearing could conduct electricity and lead to a serious injury.

Look Around You

Before you start working, take a look around the work site. If you see any liquid spills, clean them up before you begin working. You should also remove any containers of liquid that might be near your work site, especially if there's a danger that they could spill while you're working.

Use the One-Handed Approach

When you're working with live electricity, it's best to take the one-handed approach. Work with one hand and leave the other hand down by your side or tucked safely away in your pocket. If you receive an electrical shock while working with both hands, you run the risk that the electrical current will travel from one hand to the other and pass directly through your chest cavity. If you must work with both hands, be sure that neither one comes in contact with something that could cause an electrical shock.

Stop Before You Help

If someone you're working with touches live electrical wires, don't touch them or the electrical equipment they're working with. Touching them while they have electricity coursing through their body will put you in danger, as well. Instead, turn the power off as soon as possible. Once the power is off, you will be able to move the person. However, you should still take safety precautions. Wrap a leather belt or t-shirt around them and carefully pull them away from the danger site. 

Now that you're going to be working with electricity, you'll need to protect yourself from work-related dangers. Be aware of your surroundings and follow the safety precautions described above. It's also important that you follow these safety rules while you're learning your trade. You trade school will provide you with additional safety rules and regulations. If you're currently looking for a school, contact one like the HVAC Technical Institute.